Flintstones Vitamins

Hello there dear readers! Today we are going to talk about my personal miracle: Flintstones Chewable Vitamins.

Recently I underwent a surgical procedure and now need to take chewable vitamins until my poor stomach figures out how to behave. After trying 3 or 4 brands of chewable vitamins and finding them utterly disgusting, I picked up Flintstones Complete Chewable Vitamins and Flintstones Chewable Plus Immunity Support.

Y’all. Y’ALL. They smell like a fruit smoothie, and taste like the flavors the package says they are (Orange, Peach, Cherry, Grape.)

When you take these, do it before you eat. If you let the vitamin residue linger, it will taste like vitamins. This is true with all chewables. Cleanse your palete. The Completes have a lingering metallic  aftertaste. Definitely eat something after taking these.

Both vitamins are gentle on my stomach and go down easily. As an added bonus, they taste fantastic!

If you have kids, these are a must. We know how kids are. Green foods are looked at with suspicion. Yellow foods are cheese by default. It’s sometimes difficult to get them to eat right. At least with a single, great tasting chewable vitamin they will have some of what they need.

The immune support chewables give a nice dose of B vitamins and some extra C. It’s the cold months now, filled with family get togethers, holiday cheer, and the little ones (and some adults) spreading germs. The extra immune support is greatly appreciated.

These two were about $6 per bottle at Walmart. Online in other places I’ve seen them for $8. Shop around and see where your best price is.

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