Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter Won’t Leave Kitty Sitting Pretty

Did you know that there exist people in this world whose sole goal in life is to carry all of the groceries into the house on only one trip? I knew this because… I am one of them. I admit it. I won’t hide anymore.

I don’t mind grocery shopping because, well, it’s shopping. The fact that you can actually eat some of the items you purchase, that’s just a bonus. But the endless back-and-forth routine, lugging small plastic bag after small plastic bag (or new canvas bag after new canvas bag, if you’re like me and always forget to bring with the ones you bought last trip) into the house is one of my least favorite things in the world, right up there with doing the dishes and getting a pap smear. I’ve become an expert at loading myself down with every last bag in the car, with one item always breaking my stride: the damn cat litter.

I have two feline roommates and need to change out their litter pretty regularly, lest the house begin to smell like the elephant cage at the zoo. Sadly, this means lugging in 20 lb bags or jugs of fresh litter each week, consistently keeping me from reaching one-trip grocery nirvana.



So you can imagine my utter joy at seeing the latest venture from Tidy Cats, their 8.5 lb jugs of Light Weight cat litter, available in all your favorite flavors from their line, including 24/7 Performance and Instant Action. It costs around the same as the regularly weighted version as well, ranging from $11-$18, dependent on size and type. Was it a hallucination? Could this be real? Would all of my grocery-lugging troubles be over? Of course I had to buy it; it promised to work just as well as their usual formula, but with a huge reduction in weight. Crazy cat ladies everywhere could rejoice and no longer fear throwing out their backs when bringing home enough new litter for the catbox each week.


Anyone who owns a cat — or, rather, serves a cat, as we are all just hospitality staff to our feline overlords — knows that a cat’s life is all about balance: balancing how much food they will eat and how much they will later vomit upon everything you love, balancing sleep to play time (usually about 7:1, unless it is the wee hours of the morning and you are trying to sleep, in which case it is PLAY PLAY PLAY all the time), and just balancing their furry behinds as they leap from floor to furniture and beyond. Therein, my dear friends, lies the problem.


12022419_10208886015731647_1699780007781917460_oCats know a great deal about their homes; they can navigate them easily and remember their favorite places to sleep. They know where they can jump and land in the rocking chair without sending it toppling. They know how high they need to leap out of the damn litter box. Sawyer, pictured here, is a decent sized cat, weighing somewhere in the mid-teens of poundage. Unbeknownst to me, he relies on the weight of the litter in his box to keep it from toppling over if his feet catch the side as he jumps out. So… can you guess what happened?


Everywhere. The litter was everywhere. It took me a good twenty minutes to get most of it back into the box, and even longer to get all the little specks that had drifted into crevices in the room. I keep the litter box in a rarely used bathroom, so it had fallen in the lines between the tub and the floor, the toilet and the floor, and even down the floor vent. Thankfully, it had only been in the box a few minutes when this happened; Sawyer feels it is his duty to christen every new litter helping immediately after placement.


I wedged the box in the corner as best as I could after clean-up and decided not to purchase is again, my dreams of grocery-lugging nirvana permanently dashed. In spite of the  performance of it as a litter — scent protection was as good as any other — I would buy more of my usual litter brand in a few days, and let the experiment in lightweight litter die, crisis averted. Or so I thought.


As I said, the box stays in a rarely used room, and I am a bad cat butler and don’t scoop as often as I should, so I was unaware when the box tipped yet again — this time after some hardcore use. As if that weren’t bad enough, the cats paid it no mind and continued to use and spread the litter while it was on the damn floor.


Did you know that cat pee turns hard and has to be scraped up off the floor if left to sit? Did you know that cats will poop on any small speck of litter they see, no matter where it has been flung, even it is in the bathtub? I know these things now. I know.


Love you, Tidy Cats, but Light Weight litter will be a no-go in this house. Once you’ve used a paint scraper to chisel hard dried cat pee off your floor, carrying all of your groceries in on one trip somehow seems less important.


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