Thrifting Haul! A Random Assortment

There are few things I love as much as a thrift store — except maybe a nice flea market or garage sale! Since I was a kid, I’ve had a bit of an obsession with old things, be it thirty years or three centuries. Granted, the former is more likely to be available on this sort of jaunt, but so are a lot of newer items with little wear and tear that can be had at a bargain price.

For this inaugural Consumer Chic thrift haul, I visited my most local Goodwill (meaning the one closest to my undisclosed northern Illinois home location), and two smaller resale shops. I’d intended to check out a recently discovered Salvation Army store, but alas, they are closed on Sundays. I’d like to think it was the universe reminding me that I dislike the Salvation Army and should not support them. But I digress.

009First up today was the actual reason for my trip. This cute little Farberware pot is stainless steel and holds 2.5 quarts, with double-sided handles and a nice lid. What should it be used for? Perhaps chili for two, or boiling an ear or two of corn? Not in this case, my friends. I spent a paltry $5.00 on this nifty little pot to use it as… a water dish for my pets. A bit off the rails, yes, but then you haven’t met Chester. This chubby black bobtail cat has a disturbing hobby of tipping over the water dish, just to watch the water spill across the floor. Water dish after water dish, pet “watering systems”, even suction cups: nothing has worked. But this nice stainless steel pot? TOO HEAVY for the little bastard to tip! SUCCESS!

Next up are the itty-bitty items.

004 003 001

I collect religious medals, so I grabbed the first two in the first image straight away. The first of the two seems to show what I believe to be the ‘image’ lifted from the Shroud of Turin, while the second has the image of ‘Father Baker’. These two are unique pieces for my collection. The second photo above has a further mishmash of items that I picked up with the religious medals, for the grand total of $1.00. The little cannon keychain is something I thought my nephew would like, and the charm is for our own Ashlie W, aka “Pi”. The Donky Kong pin was a must-buy, and I am guessing that it originated alongside of the other pin, that I recognize as a video game character but can’t place for the life of me. Help?

The final item is a small cameo pin, which cost $6.00. Normally more than I would spend, but I’m a sucker for a cameo. The metal is cheap but the cameo is of a finer quality; there are no hallmarks. I wouldn’t place it any earlier than the 1970’s.


I admit, I’m not much of a comic/graphic novel collector. The art on these, however, really caught my eye. It bothers me greatly when I see something so well cared for — these are boarded and bagged, thankfully, as Goodwill would otherwise plop their price sticker RIGHT ON THE COVER ART, ARGH! – just dumped at a thrift store like this. It’s obvious it was part of someone’s collection, and I grabbed them on an impulse. I’ll most likely do some research on the titles at some point.



Hooray for books! And yes, I am aware this Fifty Shades trash is… you know, trash. BUT, for reasons unknown to God or myself, my mother likes them. I swear, she’s usually much smarter than that. So, since she borrowed them out and never got them back, at least she has a couple of them now – with no more money going into the “author”s pockets. The David Sedaris book is one I’ve been meaning to read and the other two I’ve read, but tend to move quickly on, and so were purchased exclusively for swapping.




This box set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit had some groovy cover art, so I had to have it. Looks to be a mid-1980’s printing. The puzzle is more for shiggles than anything else. At a total of $5.00 for both, I think I still got a good deal.




008A couple more “gift” items; a fliptop Halo box, probably from some sort of box-set, for the nephew. I’ve been buying him some of the Mega Bloks Halo Drop Pod toys, and I thought it would be a fun way to store them. The #StikBot is also for him; near as I can tell, you download the free app and then make animated movies with the thing. Somehow. We’ll review it once we try.

The Die Hard novel is for his mother, as she is a die hard Bruce Willis fan (ba-dum-tiss).


The rest is mostly household stuff: a NWT (new with tags for the uninitiated) glass case, reusable K-Cups for the Keurig coffee machine, and a 5×7 shadowbox.

011 010 006

It was a gorgeous day out and the bargains were good. I didn’t spend more than $30 total and got a lot of nice, clean, usable items. I’ll definitely be hitting these stores again!

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