Kirkland Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals

Kirkland Multi Vitamins and Minerals
The gigantic bottle of vitamins.

Quick Review of the Vitamins:

  • 3 cents per pill
  • Supply is just over 16 months
  • Only available at Costco

Tip:  Get a Costco gift card and you won’t need a membership to shop there. You can only pay with the gift card though.

A daily supplement was recommended to me by my doctor long ago because I have a rather sickly disposition in general, and I’m always looking for the more frugal options since I’m an intolerable cheapskate.  Of course, this means I’m a Costco junkie. Love the employees to bits and pieces, and they have some amazing deals in the store!

When I emptied my last bottle of Equate multi-vitamins, I gleefully headed to the pill aisle to see what deals Costco could offer. I picked up a behemoth bottle of multi-vitamins (500 count) for around $15 and giggled at my good luck all the way home. There was much side-eye from my family, as I do not giggle very often. Read more