Suave Keratin Infusion Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey y’all! I return with a review of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner.

Keratin Infusions

When I first tried this line, I was out of town a few years ago and had the travel size conditioner in my overnight bag. I used the conditioner like I always do and really liked the results. So I bought both when my bottle of sadness by Garnier finally ran out.

After using the shampoo and conditioner in combination, my hair was very shiny in a non greasy way, and my frizz was controlled pretty well once my hair dried.

I have unmanageable long, frizzy, dry, curly/wavy hair with an oily scalp. My usual routine is to wash, condition, sop up my hair water with a tshirt, comb into my usual style, then let my hair air dry.  The only product I use is shampoo and conditioner.  My favorite is Nexxus, but I have a budget to stick to. Enter Suave.

These products perform pretty well on their own. The shampoo smoothes and shines without the conditioner. It’s a pale gold with just a hint of shimmer, and smells pretty nice. The shampoo is thick and creamy. While it says low sulfate, it still has them in it, so this shampoo lathers. Not a ton, but it does. I use my finger tips to massage it onto my scalp and gently scrub away dirt and all that, then rinse. The shampoo that goes down your hair on rinse is really all it needs to clean the rest of your hair. Shampoo is mainly about the scalp.

After shampoo, use the Keratin Infused conditioner on the tips and body of your hair, really working it into the body and ends. It is a chunky-ish, creamy white conditioner. With whatever is left on my hands, I massage it onto my scalp. I do not usually waste the water or time to let the conditioner sit for 3 minutes. More along the lines of 1 minute. It stays on while I attend to everything else, then gets rinsed. I take fast, low water showers so the shampoo & conditioner work pretty well for the time I give them.


  • Does what it says it does on my hair type.
  • Shiny, less frizzy hair
  • Price is not bad, and you can find bundled sets some times of the year.


  • Sulfates. Still present, even though in lower amounts.
  • The smell. It’s nice, but I got really tired of it pretty quickly.
  • Not cruelty free. They are somewhat cagey about a straight answer on their website, which is “no” in my book. If that is a cause you care about, skip this line.

Overall, if you have frizzy hair that drives you batty, go out and snag the travel size conditioner. I got mine at Target. Try the Keratin Infusions line out. Hopefully you get the same satisfactory results I do.


Obligatory “This post is not sponsored, my opinions are just that, nobody is paying me to talk about their stuff.”

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