Sargento Balanced Breaks

Today I am going to be telling you about Sargento Balanced Breaks snack packages.  I bought mine at Costco, but they are available at other stores such as Sam’s Club, Walmart, BJ’s, Wegmans, etc.

Sargento Balanced Break
Sargento Balanced Break: White Cheddar, Almonds, and Dried Cranberries. My favorite!

Quick and Dirty on Sargento’s Snack:

  • 7 grams of protein.
  • 180 calories.
  • Salty-sweet-fat flavors are all there and easy to combine or eat separately.
  • Generously portioned.
  • Comes in large and small quantity packages.
  • Individual snacks are very portable.
  • 4 flavor combinations using Almonds/Cashews/Peanuts and Raisins/Dried Cranberries.  All include some kind of cheese.
  • 42 cents per snack package. Your prices will vary depending on store and where you live in the US.



The Skinny

I bought these hoping to add a quick, portable snack to change up my food routine.  I’m a 3 small meals 2 snacks per day (or no meals and 6 snacks) type of person. I live with other people, so food in my house goes pretty fast (hence the practically living at Friendly Local Warehouse Megastore.) These flew out of my refrigerator so fast that I was actually rather annoyed.  Everyone LOVED these.

Nickle and Dime

I bought a 24 pack of them and paid $9.99 for the bundle at Costco. That makes it out to be about 42 cents per snack.  I’ve seen the individual ones for 97 cents at Walmart.  It depends on where you shop.  I believe Sam’s Club has the 12 pack version.  If you find a coupon somewhere, all the better.


I recommend them for a morning snack.  They will be just warm enough for the cheese to have the right flavor, but the cranberries will still be cool. Almonds are appropriately salty without being too salty. Cheese is good, after all, it is Sargento. They do good cheese. Cranberries are sweet-tart. Eating a piece of all 3 together hits all of the right taste notes. I have already re-purchased these, as they work great as a portable snack. They are slim, so they can be tossed in your bag, and are tightly sealed so they won’t spill; however, the sturdy top wrap is very easy to peel back.  The container is recyclable too!

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