Red Bull The Blue Edition

Red Bull: The Blue Edition

Red Bull The Blue Edition
My (sadly) empty can of Red Bull.


This Red Bull drink outperforms the original flavor by quite a bit!  It’s flavor is something slightly like a liquefied fizzy Sweetart, leaning more towards sweet, with that odd aftertaste Taurine gives energy drinks. It’s tasty overall, not at all unpleasant. Blueberry is definitely the flavor they went for and achieved for the most part. Of all of the flavors in their Edition line, I like this one the most. Cranberry comes in as a very close second, and I will purchase Red if Blue is out of stock where I’m at.


Kudos to their design department for the two-toned blue-silver color scheme. I personally dislike “busy” designs on products. The more simple and clean, the better. Often times cans are cluttered up with too many colors and things plastered on it about what everyone else thinks about the product. Ironically, I don’t care what everyone else thinks about products. What is it, what flavor is it, nutrition info, your logo. That’s all anything ever needs. This can has not a lot going on, but there’s still enough information to tell me exactly what I’m getting. Red Bull energy drink. The Blue Edition. In Blueberry flavor. The particular shade of blue they use is quite attractive. My camera does not capture it well enough: it’s a deep, rich blue that just dances on the edge of purple, but is not purple. I am in love with their font choices. Clean fonts really appeal to me.  Wow, that’s a lot of words to say I love the design. Good job, Reb Bull!


This has become my preferred energy drink purchase when I feel the need for one. I do feel more peppy after drinking one and letting it do it’s work. Plenty of caffeine. It’s basically a stronger, more sugary soda though, so it’s rare that I have one at all.  A 12floz can has 38g of sugar and 41g carbohydrates. This also has a lot of Vitamin B12 in it, which, for various reasons your doctor can give you, is handy to have in your supplements.

Dietary Notes

If you are Paleo, WLS, or Low Carb, skip this and stick with espresso or tea, cream, ice, and your sweetener of choice. Energy drinks in general are not something that matches with your lifestyle.


I paid $2.50 for my 12oz can of blue go-juice. It did what I needed it to, and tasted good while doing it. I can’t ask much more than for a product to work as advertised!



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