Consumer Chic Writers

 Amanda, our founder, is a Chicago native currently treading water in the shallow end of her 30’s.  She is working towards a Master’s degree in English literature while holding a fairly soul-killing day job, and returns home every night to a demonic Beagle puppy and two ornery old cats. Her interests include coffee, bargains, horror films, and cheesy pop music. She can be contacted via email at


Ashlie is the main shopper and general manager for her household. She is a remote worker by trade, and her interests include cooking, building computers, art, and sight-seeing. Ashlie’s posts are focused on the items she uses. You may contact Ashlie by e-mailing



Jackie is our resident nostalgia junkie. When she isn’t doing her daily 9 to 5 grind, she produces her own podcast and runs an organizer and planner accessory line. Her usual reviews focus on nostalgic and fun foods, films, games, toys, and whatever else crosses her mind.