Up and Up Flushable Wipes

Up and Up Flushable Wipes

Welcome to my thoughts on the Up and Up Flushable Wipes!

Up and Up Flushable Wipes
Here’s what the package looks like.

Quick and Dirty Review

Good: Can purchase in large quantities and it’s not terribly expensive.
Moisturize and cleanse very well.
Easy to get or have shipped.
The package re-seals with a closure that is plastic and has an audible click. No messy sticker closure.

Maybe: Scented. It’s not a bad scent. But they are scented.

Meh: Not ok for Basement Pump systems. I do not consider this a mark against the product, just an important note. The packaging specifically says it is septic tank safe. Use your own judgment if you are the owner of one of these systems.

Eh: You should flip the package upside down to keep the moisture distributed evenly. I simply flip it every time I clean the bathroom (twice a week). Closed securely, it has not leaked yet for me.

I love Up & Up Flushable Wipes. I don’t have kids, but these get used by almost everyone in my home. I literally order them by the case, twice a year.

What do I do with them? There is always a package of these in my purse. When I’m out, and I use a public restroom, these are better option than scratchy cheap toilet paper or worse, no paper at all! The latter option happens frequently.

There is always a package of Up & Up Flushable Wipes in the bathroom at my home. If you’re familiar with the issue of toilet paper just not leaving you feeling clean enough, these will help give you that clean feeling you need. If you’re like millions of other people on this planet, maybe you have digestive issues that leave you feeling raw. A good swipe of these cleans the acidic feeling away and the aloe and vitamin E helps soothe your behind. They are flushable too. I only flush one at a time though.

If I’ve been out and I just feel gross, but there’s so much more of the day to go, a couple of these help me feel refreshed.

They have done great things for my face as well. As s I mentioned in my Super Fruits Cream review, my skin is extremely sensitive. These do not bother me in the slightest, and the additives help my skin feel nice. I am super oily/super dry combination skin, so I use at least one of these a week to refresh my bare face. You greasy guys and gals understand what I mean.

I would not use these as makeup remover. They do not have the right ingredients to remove makeup. If you’re super sensitive, a good soft cloth and olive oil are your friends for removing makeup.

Overall, I am pleased with the cost, quality, and versatility of Up & Up Flushable Wipes. I buy the case with 9 packages of 48 wipes. It costs me $11 for one case.

Mountain Dew Black Label

Mountain Dew: Black Label

MtnDew Black Label small

New to the carbonated beverage market is Mountain Dew’s attempt at being classy with: Mountain Dew Black Label.  A refreshing magenta soda with notes of blackberry, grape, and taurine. Refreshing with just a hint of the jitters, this is a refreshing addition to the Mountain Dew line that I have grown to love.

Upon inspection of the clean and striking label, the phrase “Crafted Dark Berry” stands out proudly. While the ingredients list does not specify specific fruits, outside grape and orange juice, the flavor of mixed berries rings boldly.

Mountain Dew Black Label Official Site

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Surge Icee at select Burger Kings


Looking for a taste of heaven?  Looking for it in the drive-thru?  Look no further than select Burger King locations in the winter of 2015 to early 2016. Surge was a popular soda back in the 1990-2000s. It was mainly a popular drink with teenagers and adults that needed to stay awake, and was discontinued years ago in the United States. Burger King has decided to tickle your nostalgia buttons and will be bringing this treat back in icee form!

I have been lucky enough to enjoy this re-imagined beverage on two or three separate occasions, before the syrup, much like my dreams, disappeared. Alas poor Surge, I knew thee well! BK can bring this beverage back to their menu any time, in my opinion since it is a limited edition item.

On the outside, the icee appears to be your standard semi-frozen fare. Syrup, carbonation, pureed ice, drink. On the inside however was the taste of nostalgia and the longing for a permanent menu item.  Surge is something that needs to be experienced on it’s own, but a brief note of flavor that jumps out is definitely Orange, but it is not an orange flavored drink.  It’s just not able to be described, it is something to be fondly remembered.  This icee was definitely up to par in my books.

Grab one of these before they are gone.  While I long for this to be a permanent menu item, alas, ’tis not to be.  Limited time only!


This post is not sponsored and reflects only the opinions of the reviewer.