Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste

Oral care is important for overall health and wellness.


Over the years of brushing, I have found many toothpastes I like, and many that are a disappointment.

On the list of my recent disappointments is Aquafresh Advanced 2x Whitening formula. For me, it just doesn’t do anything but remove the tartar from the day. I have gone through a whole tube and there is no noticeable whitening going on.

I don’t drink coffee, soda, or tea (all of these stain teeth) so this toothpaste had a significant boost from my habits and still failed me.



  • Cleans teeth from the daily junk.
  • Tastes fresh, but not overwhelmingly minty.
  • Generously sized tube. 6oz/170g
  • Fun color striping.


  • Doesn’t whiten as advertised.
  • Dries out in the tube, even when securely sealed.


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