100% Pure Cosmetics Super Fruits Cream

I came upon 100% Pure Cosmetics creams when searching for makeup that wouldn’t give me rashes, hives, and blisters.

I am pretty heavily allergic to most of the makeup out there.  Over the last 20 years I’ve tried and retried hundreds of things from almost every brand out there and wasted thousands of dollars in the process. American makeup on the whole is quite terrible in this regard.

If I do a makeup review, it will be on a sensitive-skin focused product that claims to be hypo-allergenic. I digress! As a member of society, I too am judged by my looks first, so keeping the skin lovely is important.  Equally important is the quality of what you slather on your skin, so I had to try 100% Pure Cosmetics Super Fruits Cream.

Super Fruits Reparative Cream
This is about accurate for the size of what you get.

Quick and Dirty Review of Super Fruits Cream:

  • Cost is $14
  • Size is 0.3 ounces
  • Smells weird, but the odor goes away quickly.
  • Claims: anti-aging, anti oxidant, vitamin rich
  • Benefits: reduce lines & wrinkles, increase firmness, provides corrective skin care
  • You don’t need to use a lot–mix with a daily moisturizer to make the tube last longer.
  • Dab full strength on places breakouts occur.
  • Not needed daily. I see better results when using as a spot treatment.
  • I am happy with the results I get.


In the end, I go without makeup, but spend a lot of time making sure my skin looks fantastic.  I do get breakouts from time to time. Hormones: You’re all there with me, you know this routine.  That’s where the 100% Pure Cosmetics Super Fruits Cream saves my hide!

They claim to use anti-aging, antioxidant rich fruits to make a vitamin-packed cream that increases firmness, reduces lines and wrinkles, and more importantly, provides corrective care for your skin.  Same song and dance everyone else claims.

You can dab this stuff straight onto your trouble areas and rub it in like normal.  I like to mix a pea sized amount into my moisturizer and slather it on after paying attention to blemish areas.

The cream itself is a small tube weighing in at a featherweight 0.3 ounces, but has lasted me quite some time.  I don’t use it always, just when I have breakouts or other damage.  In my opinion, it helps my face recover much faster than if I were to only cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

At $14 it comes in pretty steep in the world of skincare:  $14 / 0.3 ounces = ~$43 per ounce.

It also smells a little odd, but the odor dissipates quickly.


This post is not sponsored and reflects only the opinions of the reviewer.

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